Spanish Romance

I’m wearing: Shein bodysuit Shein wide leg trousers • Kadell handbag Yoshop earings Asos flats

I’m trying to re-create my closet, if you can tell. I try my best to get rif of jeans (well, not all of them but…) as much as I can and the thing that I realized in this process is how good it feels to wear non-denim pieces. Both my winter and summer closet has lots and lots of denim which you can see easily by scrolling down to my blog. And at this point I feel like I stuck in rut of wearing same clothes over an over again which is not a bad thing if you do not running a fashion blog. My main goal is to create as much as unique and different content. So when I decided to I want to wear something else but jeans, I’ve ordered my very first trousers with concern. I’ve never wore a pair of trousers before so I didn’t know what to expect. Well, when I got them in my hands I consistly fell in love! The very first feeling that I have about trousers is how light they are. They felt quite lightweight  counter to jeans. While I like to wear heavy and thick denim I prefer to wear a light fabric especially in summer. I feel my closet changed its direction in a good way since I purchased my very first pair.

On the other hand since I wore my first bodysuit in February in this post I am looking for a nice bodysuit that I can wear day time. You can easily tell that I like o tuck in my tops whether I’m wearing pants, jeans or skirts. So the idea of a bodysuit works for me very well and the practically it feels sooo comfy. I look that I created today is not the most comfortable looking outfit ever but it’s actually one of the most comfy outfits that I wore recently. The body stays where it needs to stay and the trousers are pretty light and feels so summery with the wide legs. I think this combination is a perfect workwear style for who wants to keep it comfy but chic at the same time.

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