Stop It! Don’t Write On The Walls

I’m wearing: Shein t-shirt • Bershka pants • Zaful bag Casio watch • Asos sandals

I like to experience as much as different combinations of t-shirt and pants/jeans combo. Skinny jeans are a torture in summer time so my goal is to find comfy alternatives to them. Non-denim pants are great options in that sense (as I’ve talked about this many many times before) The one I’m wearing today is creating some sort of an illusion in the photos but it doesn’t in reality. So I benefit the power of vertical striped to look slimmer and taller, win win. Other than looking more flattering than usual skinnies, the pattern adds so much to the outfit. I also would prefer to wear white pants with this t-shirt and it’d create a very powerful look. However instead of a monochrome outfit I love the fun vibes this combination spreads. It even kinda looks like popcorn with striped bottom and ruffle details on top.

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