Red Crush

I’m wearing: Romwe shirt Lightinthebox skirt Jollychic bag • Casio watch • Zaful sandals

I’ve already told you that my favorite color is red this summer. The funny part is before last few months I did not have anything in red, seriously anything. And now I thing it is a great way to liven up your closet. I also love pink and red combo trend and I thought this skirt is just the perfect thing to pair with a pink top. Although I’m likely to wear the skirt with a basic t-shirt I wanted to add more characteristic to the whole look so I wrapped around it. You may already know that I’m not into skirts but this have changed this year. There are so many amazing skirt styles this season and I despiretely want to try all of them. I think this one in particular is THE best skirt I’ve ever own, I love love love the tie detail so so much and the fit and the material is just perfect.  It is definitely a statement piece that I can wear with my basic round neck white t-shirts or colored shirts for fun.

Also, there are some other changes on me apart from the skirt, I have NEW hair! It got shorter, darker and a piece of grey. This lengt is usually my favorite for years but I always fail to go and have it cut so here we go now. If you are here for a long time then you know I used to have blonde hair for a while and I’m more than happy to have dark brown again and I wanted to have some fun by adding an almost white piece to play with colors. It’s grey right now but I wanna dye it pastel pink as soon as possible, we’ll see what will happen. I also would like to achieve to create different hairstyles (basically that’s me every summer) as well as different outfits. So fingers crossed!

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