Girls Can Do Anything

I’m wearing: Romwe t-shirt Romwe jeans Jollychic handbag • Asos flats

I’m having the glory of matching almost the same white shades. It’s actually quiete strange that there are so many different shades of white when it cames to clothes. While my jeans are in the warm white side I usually have cold/blueish white t-shirts. So it’s hard to create a total white look with this jeans but I love their fit and thick material thence it’s worth it. I feel very proud when I found this almost off-white t-shirt on Besides the colors (well, technically white is not a color) I have a collection of feminist t-shirts which is I’m so proud of. I don’t remember the number of times I’ve talked about but I’m so happy to call myself as a modern day feminist who believes in equality of sexes.

While this outfit is my perfect summer look for city I’m shopping for my summer holiday right now. Since I spend most of the summer in the city all I have are jeans and t-shirts. So I need to shop for some light dresses and cami tops immediately. So be ready for ultimate summer looks guys!



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