Cut Off Flare Jeans

I’m wearing: Shein t-shirt Batik jeans • zeroUV sunglasess Zaful bag • Asos sandals

A t-shirt and jeans my go to outfit in summer and I like to create some different versions of that combo. On the other hand I do love wearing jeans in particular and my goal is to try as much as different styles I can and have fun with them. Flare and straight legs are my favorites this season. When I found this flare jeans on sale I knew that I’m going to purchase and cut them off. They fit perfectly and that’s a pretty rare situation for me, I can not wear even XS or waist 26 from most the the brands, I’m okay with leg fit but not just the waist. So it was pretty emotional to cut these incredible jeans but I loved how they turned out. Practically it makes me look shorter BUT it is one of my favorite pairs already.

On the other hand I’m proud of my feminist t-shirt collection. It says “I’m the type of woman you can’t control…”  and it’s great message for who wants to have control on women. I stand up for women being independent and making their own decisions. So this t-shirt fits perfectly with my opinions and as you can imagine I felt like I’ve found a trouser when I saw it. Unfortunately it’s out of stock so I linked a very similar one.

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