Always and Forever With All of My Heart


This post is the most special and important one I’ve ever shared or probably I will be sharing. I usually stick to fashion and my outfits and I don’t share my life that much here on my blog. But this time, it is beyond that. Today is my birthday and I thought it is the perfect timing for this post. I’m proudly sharing the photos from our wedding day along with our story and what is it like being in a long term relationship. But before that I’d like to thank to my beautiful sister for capturing the most amazing photos I could ever imagine. I do always trust your photography and so happy to have the most amazing sister in the world! @dearnazli

Okan and I met exactly seven and a half years ago in the high school, actually in the very first day of my first year and he was in his third year. I believe being in a relationship in our high school years is something priceless. We grew together and learned so much from each other. I’m aware that it is also a really hard process to manage changing by yourself and keeping your relationship healthy at the same time. And I feel so proud to have a life partner who knows me better than anyone and knows how much I’ve been through. First things first he is my best friend and my biggest support. And I believe this is the biggest advantage of being in a long term relationship, we have also been through so much together and we had chance to get to know each other better and better through the years.

While we were at school we were able to see each other everyday, we lived 15 minutes away plus we were spending weekends together. When Okan graduated from high school he moved to another city for university and I fully supported him to do that since I believed that was the department he was truly belong, he studied landscape architecture (and yeap, I was right) So we were seeing each other every one or two months and it turned to a long distance relationship. And two years later I moved out of city too for uni and that made it harder to see each other. The thing is we supported and let each other free to decide what we want. Choosing related subjects for uni kept us even more close (I was studying interior architecture) we helped each others projects and that was so much fun. We worked till the mornings together when we met or we stayed awake till the morning on the phone while we were away.



I don’t like to put a name on it, like what is the most important thing as a foundation of a relationship. I believe it’s different from person to person. I care about having fun together, respecting each others lifes and personalities, supporting and trusting each other. I feel so happy and proud to call my best friend as my husband, love and partner in crime. Two weeks ago we exchanged I do’s in a little ceremony with our families. I need to admit that it was a quite emotional day after more than seven years together. Okan is working in Lancaster, UK right now and I’m here in Istanbul and I’ll be joining him in a few months (so that’s a long distance marriage right now, haha) For years we’ve dreamed together and sacrificed so much to make those dreams come true so I can’t believe it’s almost here.

Last but not least I want to thank to the love of my life for being always there for me (even we were living in different cities) caring about me and my family mostly more than myself, making me a better person and posing for these photos (he hates having his photo taken, that’s why we don’t have any photos on my instagram together, haha).

Stay with love!


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