Burgundy Bomber Jacket

I’m wearing: Romwe bomber jacket • Shein t-shirt • Addax mom jeans • Kadell handbag Asos flats

This look is my ultimate spring uniform, sometimes I change the jacket with a denim jacket or a blazer but basically I wear a simple base like this one. I love a nice loose fit round neck t-shirt with high waisted black straight leg jeans. Actually this t-shirt is the one I wore last week with the lace up belt, they come together but the t-shirt itself is definitely the style I always look for. It fits perfect on shoulders and chest and looks pretty good when you tuck it in jeans. And it doesn’t loose its shape when you wear something over it which is a huge bonus. On the other hand I really love this bomber jacket. The problem I find about bomber jackets generally is that they’re usually too thin and look like shirt on me since I have quite wide shoulders. This one is a good option in that sense, also it is a thick jacket and keep me warm enough (bonus bonus). Even though it’s a really casual jacket I wanted to style it with pointed flats and a classic formed bag.

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