How To Style A Band T-shirt

I’m wearing: Shein long sweatshirt (or here) • Romwe t-shirt Romwe denim skirt • Zaful crossbody • zeroUV sunglasses Mango sandals

Since my insta feed is full of Coachella captures I feel inspired to wear anything close to festival style. I’m not fan of wearing festival or boho style in the street so I ended up mixing it with casual pieces. I picked a black AC/DC tee and paired it with the perrrrfect denim skirt (which definitely the one that I was looking for for a long time) and by wearing an extra long grey sweatshirt I wanted to make the whole look more casual and comfy. My favorite thing about the band t-shirts is their really strong characteristics so it’s so easy to style them however you wish. A band t-shirt and denim look is the biggest combo however I like to wear them with classic pieces, blazers or trousers. I’ll definitely try to style this t-shirt with one of my trousers so stay tuned.

I feel like I need to detail my feelings about this sweatshirt. Firstly I purchased it while I was feeling like I started repeating myself so I really wanted to try something new. When you take a look at my latest posts you can easily find out that I like my blazers, button up shirts and straight leg jeans so a longline sweatshirt is not a must in my closet. Since I really liked this one when I recieved it I couldn’t style it as I’d imagined. It’s absolutely looks amazing with sneakers and basic tshirts but this was not the look that I was looking for. Actually we’ve shot a look with it before but I ended up not sharing it since I was not satisfied with it. Yesterday I found my Mango sandals from last year and I was like “eureka!” (Also literally obsessed with these sandals!!)


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