Friday Suit

I’m wearing: Shein blazer Romwe cami top • Mango trousers • Yoshop bag Asos heels

After a long break, I’m back! Yesterday I shared a very special post on intagram (see it here) and thank you so so much for your well wishes and kind messages. It was an unbelievable week for me while I was away from my blog; I got married (!!!) and had my very first tattoo (it’s in the healing process now, I’ll show it to you soon!) So there are so many big news but lets focus on todays outfit.

I’m so into non-denim pants lately as I’m keep repating myself in last few posts. And the best part of it while it’s pretty hard to find a good fit of jeans it’s way more easier to find nice fit trousers since I like loose fit ones. I love wearing trousers with graphic tshirts and sneakers to create a contrast but there is nothing like a chic and masculine suit look. So I paired my trousers  with a modern oversized white blazer and added a little bit of femininity by wearing a lace cami under it. I didn’t want to go out of the color scheme so I kept everything between black and white. Also a pop of red would look amazing with this look.

Let me detail the blazer a little bit more; I actually really liked it as buttoned up on the model (in the pics) however when I received it I felt like it’s a little bit oversized on me. The shoulders fit pretty well but rest of the jacket is really loose fit so when I button it up it makes me look really big. So I ended up wearing a sexy lace cami under it to make it more feminine also split shoulders do the work.

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  1. Gülderen says: Reply

    your trousers and you🌹 spectacular! love u and ur own style❤

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