Easy Red

I’m wearing: Asos cami top • Shein jeans • New Look belt  • Zaful bag  • Asos flats

Recently red started to take a serious place in my closet and I couldn’t be more happy about that. I always would like to add some vivid color to my closet but I’m not brave enough wearing neon pink or yellow. So a cool tonned red works perfectly for me. On the other hand, I’m a big fan of red and denim look ever since I could remember so this a wildcard combination for me. Also I love how this outfit feels fresh and young. The strap cami top is just perfect for hot summer days as well as comfy pointed flats.

I had a very busy day today to clean up my closet. Since I receive so many clothing from brands, plus I buy new ones constantly, I have too many clothing. I even forgot some of the pieces that I own. So I decided to take the very first step when I couldn’t find a space in my closet for the blouses I received today. Since I’m in the process of moving I have to get rid of as much as clothing I can. I don’t want to carry the pieces that I will not be wearing anymore with me. So I cleaned out all of my closet and decide which pieces I do not wish to have anymore for hours and hours today to go to their new owners. Okan still thinks that I need to minimize my closet but…

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