Life Is A Party

I’m wearing: Zaful t-shirt • Romwe jeans • Asos belt • Shein glasses • Asos flats

This t-shirt arrived to me just at the right time, the day before my birthday last week and as you can guess I wore it on my birthday. My family spoiled me way too much on that day but the most important thing is having them as my family is the biggest gift I have and thanks to them my life is a party always. Obviously I’m not that positive all the time but when it’s a sunny spring day and I’m wearing my yellow lens glasses life seems perfect for  a minute and this is a great time to be grateful what you have.  As I’m writing this post I’m eating my leftover birthday cake right now and now  I’m pretty sure that sweet makes you happier.

On the other hand I loved the detailing of this t-shirt while I decided to purchase it. However it’s obvious that I “have to” wear every single t-shirt as tucked in so you can not see the detailing at all (check the link) (#perfectblogger) You already know that I love to wear high waisted anything, I only wear high waisted denim, trousers and skirts. But this jeans are a little bit different than my usual if you can tell. They are mid waist which is a great option to wear with graphic t-shirts since high waists covers the most of the graphics. And this jeans are the exact same pair in this post you can roll and unroll the cuffs to create total different styles. This is a great feature to wear it in different lengths.


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    Love your style!

    Neslihan xx

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