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I’m wearing: Stradivarius top • Shein trousers • zeroUV sunglasses Jollychic bag Mango sandals

I feel beyond motivated and I’m really enjoying to create frequent content for my blog. It’s basically because of the fresh spring weather and the feedback from you guys. I’ve definitely already mentioned that my sister is the eye behind my photos and it’s hard to find the right time to shoot since she’s studying architecture and very very busy as you can imagine. So I have to be ready always to adapt to her. Mostly we shoot so many content in one day and it’s a little bit exhausting. However I feel fully motivated lately to create different outfits (I mean I’m trying my best not to wear mom jeans all the time) and share frequent and regular content here on my blog.

When tempature rises skirts and shorts show up however I don’t like to style skirts as much as styling high waisted jeans. So the best option to them is definitely a pair of trousers. I used to live in jeans, through summer and winter, but when you capture all of your outfits and share them constantly you get tired of them and try new styles. I wore my very first pair of trousers one month ago (wow, that was feeling far far away) on this post and I loved loved loved it. Firstly it feels soo comfortable, easy to move and pretty chic in comparison with jeans. I like to style non-denim pants with flat shoes since I don’t want them to look extra chic/work wear, a white pair of sneakers works pretty well for me. On the other hand in this case I wanted to style these trousers in a more chic way so I went for nude lace up sandals with the cutest heel. The fun thing is I didn’t wear them that much last summer and I ended up thinking I don’t like them that much. But I’m wearing them non-stop lately and they get into any outfit I have (they are not the most comfortable shoes ever tho) Now I have two shoes on my wishlist, black Vans Old Skools and comfortable nude sandals.

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