The Last Turtleneck

I’m wearing: Romwe denim jacket/ceket Romwe turtleneck/balıkçı yaka Addax jeans • Zaful bag/çanta Mango boots/bot

There is something about this outfit that makes me feel so happy (even though I’m not similing in the pictures) I guess it’s the retro vibes it has. A (off)white turtleneck comes together with a light denim jacket, if it’s not the ultimate retro combo and what it is?! And I think this combination looks amazing with a pair of black mom jeans. I’m not a fan of a total denim outfit, I rarely like a total denim look but not on me. So wearing a denim jacket with a black denim or non-denim pants is the best solution for me.

I lived in turtlenecks in the entire winter and now, it’s sad but, it’s time to say goodbye to them. So to celebrate it I wanted to wear the ultimate turtleneck, the white one (actually off-white). Obviously I paired it with a denim jacket to make it a more spring look. I love wearing white tshirts and button up shirts throughout spring and summer but there’s nothing like a good white turtleneck that you can wear under oversized jackets and still have a nice slim figure.

Also, I’m really into straight leg jeans and literally don’t want to wear skinny jeans anymore. Firstly it’s the most comfortable and easy to move in type of jeans and secondly I believe it adds so much to a basic outfit and makes your shoes looking way more better. I really enjoyed pairing it with my ankle boots but also I’m pretty sure that it’s also a perfect style to wear with sneakers and stiletto heels.

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