I Drink and I Know Things

I’m wearing: Zaful coat/kaban • Zaful t-shirt/tişört Addax jeans • Jollychic bag/çanta • zeroUV sunglasses/güneş gözlüğü • Romwe boots/botlar

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When I have busy days I always go for the most basic outfits, I know it’s not the fanciest look ever but I like to share all different looks that I create according to my mood. I mostly wear my basics, you know that, and I like to do that especially this time of the year since I can wear short sleeve t-shirts with my beloved coats, thanks to sunny weather! I always talk about that I don’t want to give up my coats so I’m trying to find new ways to wear them in spring.

On the other hand I’m so into straight leg jeans lately. I like how skinnies highlight your figure especially with a loose, oversized top however I’m more into more loose fit jeans with one condition: a high waist. A nice pair of straight leg jeans add so much to the outfit and make your shoes way more better, also it’s so comfy too! I believe if fits perfectly to my simple style.

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