The Last Turtleneck

I’m wearing: Romwe denim jacket/ceket Romwe turtleneck/balıkçı yaka Addax jeans • Zaful bag/çanta Mango boots/bot

There is something about this outfit that makes me feel so happy (even though I’m not similing in the pictures) I guess it’s the retro vibes it has. A (off)white turtleneck comes together with a light denim jacket, if it’s not the ultimate retro combo and what it is?! And I think this combination looks amazing with a pair of black mom jeans. I’m not a fan of a total denim outfit, I rarely like a total denim look but not on me. So wearing a denim jacket with a black denim or non-denim pants is the best solution for me.

I lived in turtlenecks in the entire winter and now, it’s sad but, it’s time to say goodbye to them. So to celebrate it I wanted to wear the ultimate turtleneck, the white one (actually off-white). Obviously I paired it with a denim jacket to make it a more spring look. I love wearing white tshirts and button up shirts throughout spring and summer but there’s nothing like a good white turtleneck that you can wear under oversized jackets and still have a nice slim figure.

Also, I’m really into straight leg jeans and literally don’t want to wear skinny jeans anymore. Firstly it’s the most comfortable and easy to move in type of jeans and secondly I believe it adds so much to a basic outfit and makes your shoes looking way more better. I really enjoyed pairing it with my ankle boots but also I’m pretty sure that it’s also a perfect style to wear with sneakers and stiletto heels.

Striped Wide Leg Trousers

I’m wearing: Romwe knit/kazak • Shein trousers/pantolon • Yoshop bag/çanta • Romwe glasses/gözlükRomwe sneakers/spor ayakkabı

I love denim, it’s my favorite thing to wear however since it’s spring I really want to try some new styles. I have never wore wide leg trousers before, so this is the first time and I LOVED it! It’s the perfect style for spring (also would fit into summer) You know that I love a good pair of high waisted jeans and can not wear anything low waist, I used to until I found out it’s the worst type of clothing for my body. A low waisted bottom makes me look shorter and it’s the worst thing to sit while you’re wearing low waisted jeans (you know the struggle!)  The one that I’m wearing today is super high waisted, I went for XS and I fits really nice on me. I love to being able to wear it with flats or sneakers instead of high heels to style it more casual. Anndd the best part is it makes you look taller then you’re even when you’re wearing comfy flats. The power of stripes, brilliant!

Also can we please talk about this gorgeous coffee knit?! I keep loving and loving it more everytime I wear it, I can style it with a total black outfit or white or -my fave- jeans. It’s such an amazing neutral color to match with literally every single shade in my closet. So right know I’m on the hunt for more nude, neutral coffee shade tops to wear with my spring trousers.

I Drink and I Know Things

I’m wearing: Zaful coat/kaban • Zaful t-shirt/tişört Addax jeans • Jollychic bag/çanta • zeroUV sunglasses/güneş gözlüğü • Romwe boots/botlar

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When I have busy days I always go for the most basic outfits, I know it’s not the fanciest look ever but I like to share all different looks that I create according to my mood. I mostly wear my basics, you know that, and I like to do that especially this time of the year since I can wear short sleeve t-shirts with my beloved coats, thanks to sunny weather! I always talk about that I don’t want to give up my coats so I’m trying to find new ways to wear them in spring.

On the other hand I’m so into straight leg jeans lately. I like how skinnies highlight your figure especially with a loose, oversized top however I’m more into more loose fit jeans with one condition: a high waist. A nice pair of straight leg jeans add so much to the outfit and make your shoes way more better, also it’s so comfy too! I believe if fits perfectly to my simple style.

The Power of Pastels

I’m wearing: Jollychic coat/kaban • Romwe sweater/kazak • Dresslily cap/şapka • American Apparel jeans • Dresslily crossbody/çanta • Mango boots/botlar (old)

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You can’t go wrong with pastels; it has the same power of a total black outfit but more like a spring version of it. A nice pair (or pairs!) of jeans is my go-to piece when it’s spring. I love how black jeans add a strong contrast any outfit but there’s nothing like a nice fit of blue denim. You can wear it with every single color you can imagine and have a really soft coherence even with black. Also I love to wear my blue jeans with a total black outfit, this way you’ll have a more casual and powerful look. And that’s the other thing: blue denim is way more softer than black so it makes me able to create a smooth color scheme. Just like todays.

I had a very sucessful winter season in terms of coats (yeah I’m about to talk about the coats, AGAIN) I’ve found some gorgeous designs that will fit in my thousands of different outfits. I believe basically you only need a black and camel coat in your closet and you’re good to go. However since coats are my specialty I need all different shades of grey, coffee and every single color you can count. However especially what I love about this particular one I’m wearing today is firstly the hue of the grey. It’s such a soft and easy to wear shade of grey. Secondly I love the casual fit of the coat since I usually have more structured, classic coats. This one is a great change for me.