Spring Neutrals

I’m wearing: Shein oversized trenchcoat Romwe cami top Zaful trousers • Kadell bag • Romwe sneakers

I think I’ve lost count of how many times I have said I love wearing trousers instead of denim pants lately. I thinks it’s more refreshing and a great way to step out from my comfort zone which I try my best to do. However even though I like to try some new styles the way I like to wear them is mixing them with the other pieces in my closet already. So it’s very rare me wearing all new items from head to toe, I like to mix and match.

This beautiful oversized trench coat is a very stable piece. It’s great to wear with any basic outfit, you can style it with a basic white t-shirt and skinnies for a modern and fresh look and also clear lens glasses and wide leg trousers for a vintage look. The thing that I love about todays outfit is definitely the color palette. I’m really into black and white combo lately and adding beige and nude to it is a great way to create a simple neutral outfit.

Last but not least, you may already know that I love my crossbody bags however they have a disadvantage, they carry a very limited amount of items for example when I need to carry my camera with me I need a bigger handbag. However it’s so hard to find a good handbag for me mostly I find them too classic since I prefer structured bags. This one that I’m wearing today is from Kadell and it is the perfect shape, size and color for me. It’s a really really soft nude so I can basically wear it with every color I have in my closet and also I can fit lots of items in it.

How To Style A Band T-shirt

I’m wearing: Shein long sweatshirt (or here) • Romwe t-shirt Romwe denim skirt • Zaful crossbody • zeroUV sunglasses Mango sandals

Since my insta feed is full of Coachella captures I feel inspired to wear anything close to festival style. I’m not fan of wearing festival or boho style in the street so I ended up mixing it with casual pieces. I picked a black AC/DC tee and paired it with the perrrrfect denim skirt (which definitely the one that I was looking for for a long time) and by wearing an extra long grey sweatshirt I wanted to make the whole look more casual and comfy. My favorite thing about the band t-shirts is their really strong characteristics so it’s so easy to style them however you wish. A band t-shirt and denim look is the biggest combo however I like to wear them with classic pieces, blazers or trousers. I’ll definitely try to style this t-shirt with one of my trousers so stay tuned.

I feel like I need to detail my feelings about this sweatshirt. Firstly I purchased it while I was feeling like I started repeating myself so I really wanted to try something new. When you take a look at my latest posts you can easily find out that I like my blazers, button up shirts and straight leg jeans so a longline sweatshirt is not a must in my closet. Since I really liked this one when I recieved it I couldn’t style it as I’d imagined. It’s absolutely looks amazing with sneakers and basic tshirts but this was not the look that I was looking for. Actually we’ve shot a look with it before but I ended up not sharing it since I was not satisfied with it. Yesterday I found my Mango sandals from last year and I was like “eureka!” (Also literally obsessed with these sandals!!)


Friday Suit

I’m wearing: Shein blazer Romwe cami top • Mango trousers • Yoshop bag Asos heels

After a long break, I’m back! Yesterday I shared a very special post on intagram (see it here) and thank you so so much for your well wishes and kind messages. It was an unbelievable week for me while I was away from my blog; I got married (!!!) and had my very first tattoo (it’s in the healing process now, I’ll show it to you soon!) So there are so many big news but lets focus on todays outfit.

I’m so into non-denim pants lately as I’m keep repating myself in last few posts. And the best part of it while it’s pretty hard to find a good fit of jeans it’s way more easier to find nice fit trousers since I like loose fit ones. I love wearing trousers with graphic tshirts and sneakers to create a contrast but there is nothing like a chic and masculine suit look. So I paired my trousers  with a modern oversized white blazer and added a little bit of femininity by wearing a lace cami under it. I didn’t want to go out of the color scheme so I kept everything between black and white. Also a pop of red would look amazing with this look.

Let me detail the blazer a little bit more; I actually really liked it as buttoned up on the model (in the pics) however when I received it I felt like it’s a little bit oversized on me. The shoulders fit pretty well but rest of the jacket is really loose fit so when I button it up it makes me look really big. So I ended up wearing a sexy lace cami under it to make it more feminine also split shoulders do the work.

The New Sense of Button Up

I’m wearing: Shein button up shirt Romwe jeans • Zaful bag Zara heels

Even I’m not working at an office my closet is always looking a little bit classic and has workwear vibes. Except from my denim addiction I always find myself wearing quite classic pieces such as structured blazers and button up shirts. And since it’s spring I’m more into non-denim bottoms. It’s not valid for todays outfit but I’m really into nice fit wide leg trousers lately, the thing is that I like to mix these to styles by wearing sneakers with trousers and pointed heels with jeans.

I usually like to wear my mom jeans almost everything but this one has a much more classic style. So I prefer to wear them with high heels while I’m pretty sure it would look amazing with flats and sneakers. I’ve purchased these jeans as regular cuff however right now as I’m writing this post I realized that it has folded cuffs. I loved how they look this way but also I’m guessing that you can unfold the cuffs and have longer cuffs which will look better with sneakers.

Besides the jeans, the black bell sleeves detail of the shirt is the highlight of the look. I love how just a little detail takes the whole shirt to another level and adds so much to the outfit. I love wearing basic button ups so this is great alternative if you want something more fancy.