Happy Mother’s Day!

To celebrate mother’s day I’ve asked my mom to join me on a photoshoot so I can share my biggest inspiration, her, with the world. First of all she is my style inspiration, frequently I borrow her clothes for photoshoots. When I was a little girl I used to admire my mom’s clothes (still admiring tho) and sense of style and the way she makes any basic outfit looking fabulous. She always manages to style up every single piece she wears in “her style” and that’s what I’m always trying to do. She also shocks me by wearing so many different crazy styles and the way she effortlessly keeps up with the fashion trends. I wish I could share her teenage photos here to show her brave chic outfits.

Besides the clothes she inspires to me to become a powerful woman, she makes me believe I’m capable of achieving all of my goals in life if I work hard for them. I can definitely call myself as a modern day feminist and having a inspiring mother is the reason I believe in feminism. Through the years I got chance to see how it’s hard to have a successful career as a woman from my mother and I’ve witnessed my mom working really hard to achieve what she wants and I can understand how it’s so important to support each other as women. And besides her motherhood skills I want to thank my mom to raising my sister and me as the closest friends.


I feel so lucky to have such a guide in life who I can ask help or advice for every single topic. When I feel not my best about my work she always finds a totally different perspective to change my mind and my mood. utterly. And I believe accepting critism and hearing a child’s advice or review is as important as guiding. Since I was a child my mum always asked my opinion cared what I think and that always made me feel special and valuable. Thanks to my mom I feel confident about my thoughts and I feel comfortable to share them with others. I believe that’s the thing made me start a blog.

Last but not least I’d like to thank to the women who inspires me, for making me special and beloved. Thank you for always being there for me whether I need it or not and supporting me every step of the life. Thank you for being my mother!

Happy Mother’s Day!


In the first look I’m wearing: Romwe t-shirt • Zara mom jeans • New Look belt • Dresslily cap • zeroUV glasses • Mango sandals

Mom’s wearing: Trendyol button up • Twist pants • zeroUV sunglasses • Nursace heels

In the second look I’m wearing: Romwe blouse • Shein wide leg trousers • Zaful earings • Asos heels

Mom’s wearing: Network blouse • Ipekyol skirt • Nursace heels




Ballerina Feelings

I’m wearing: Romwe cami dress & t-shirt • Zaful bag Mango sandals

Happy Friday guys! This outfit and photos some of my favorites lately and I love the romance and femininity of this look so much. As I’ve mentioned on my previous posts I’m trying to add more dresses and skirts to my closet since I’m all about pants. And I believe it’s being a good process. I’m loving cami dresses lately and on hunt for some good loose ones. This one I’m wearing today comes with the basic white t-shirt to layer but I believe I can wear it without the t-shirt however I haven’t tried it yet. So I’ll definitely try to wear it  by itself and share my ideas about it, if it works or not with you. Also I talked about it on yesterdays post but I love wearing loose updos so much! Today I went for a higher one and I’m all about the ballerina vibes it has. Combined with the sunset it looks so romantic! I could also go for a total ballerina look with lace up flats and also block heels also do the work.

On the other hand I’m working on a really exciting post for Mother’s Day! I’ll be guesting my beautiful mom next week on my blog and I can’t wait to share the post with you.


Tie Front Detail

I’m wearing: Romwe button up shirt • Shein trousers • Kadell handbag ZeroUV sunglasses Romwe sneakers

My favorite way to wear a shirt as tied front is with wide leg trousers or a skirt. However since I got my very first wide leg trousers in this spring I’m just able to wear it as I imagened. First let me tlak a little bit about having/wearing non-denim pants. I frequently mention about it but I love love love wearing non-denim bottoms. They are much more comfortable, perfect for spring and summer and even with sneakers they are very smart. Right now I’m looking for different patterned ones and some pastel colors in this style. On the other hand I used to try tie my shirts front however it was never satisfying enough for me until todayyy! I think tie front detail looks amazing with this super high waisted striped trousers and the light blue is just the perfect shade to wear with these trousers. Also I’m loving this loose updo which I create in 5 seconds. It looks better when I have curled my hair which I’m doing everyday lately.

Ultimate Pink

I’m wearing: Windsor sweathirt • Romwe trousers • Jollychic bag (use “MELIKECIM” at checkout to get 10% off on Jollychic.com!) • Missguided heels

I can’t count myself as a trend follower (if it’s a thing) but if there’s a trend that I’m loving at the moment that is PINK! It’s everywhere and I’m especially loving red and pink together I think it is such a fresh change in the fashion industry. You know, you can’t wear gold and silver, navy and black, red and pink together stuff. There are no rules in fashion and you are free to wear whatever you want and feel fabulous in it. So I like that some rules about to be broken. Since I don’t have the perfect red top to wear with this gorgeous pink pants I went for a deep burgundy which I like the cherry side of it. On the other hand I’ve removed the button of the trousers so it looks way more classic which I like since the back of it is flexible it’s still possible to wear it easily. And for shoes I’m wearing the ones that I wore at my wedding day. I’m totally in love with these heels and the color is just perfect to wear with everything.